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Privacy Policy

VANKS Tokyo (hereinafter referred to as "the Company") recognizes the importance of personal information, thoroughly implements the collection and management method, and strives to comply with the laws and regulations applicable to personal information.

Information that can identify a specific customer that we obtain when registering as a member, including name, date of birth, address, telephone number, email address, and other images.

■Collection of personal information
We will collect personal information as a range necessary to provide services based on the items of purpose of use shown separately.

■Purpose of use
We will not use personal information outside the scope of consent obtained at the time of collection for the following purposes, except for orders based on laws and regulations and cases stipulated in Article 16-3 of the law.
1. To provide accurate, fair and appropriate services such as identity verification when providing "VANKS Tokyo" facilities or services
2. To deliver new service provision / guidance of "VANKS Tokyo" and store information such as contact notifications / campaigns related to the provided service
3. 3. To provide information on various information such as products, various services, planning packages, application plans, etc. that our company and its affiliated companies operate
4. In order to send you a report of the cooperation request of "VANKS Tokyo" or various questionnaires conducted by our company and the provision of information and services accompanying the result
5. To confirm and contact those who applied for "VANKS Tokyo" or the recruitment of personnel recruited by our company.

We will take appropriate management system and safety measures to prevent loss, destruction, falsification, unauthorized access and leakage of personal information.

■Outsourcing of personal information
Personal information will not be disclosed or provided without the consent of the person unless there is a legitimate reason such as an order based on the law and the provisions of Article 16-3 of the law.

■Disclosure, correction and suspension of use of personal information
We will respond reasonably and promptly when requested by the person or the parental authority (of a minor member) to disclose, correct or suspend the use of personal information.

■Legal compliance
We will comply with applicable laws and regulations regarding personal information, review and improve it so that it will be operated appropriately.

This website contains links to the outside, but we are not responsible for the content of personal information on the external website.

■Inquiries and procedures
Please contact VANKS Tokyo for inquiries regarding the protection of personal information, corrections, and procedures for suspension of use.